Welcome Letter from the Board

The Board of Directors welcome and invite you to Chrysalis House. The Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements are true to who and what our Agency culture is driven to support.

Our Vision

Chrysalis House creates and supports loving forever families for all children.

Our Mission

Chrysalis House builds and supports families throughout the adoption journey by providing personalized professional services to all participants of the adoption process.

Our Board is comprised of volunteer Directors who bring a vast variance of experiences and education creating a diverse dedicated group of individuals that focus on the success and continued improvements to the services Chrysalis House provides.

  • Jo anne osborn

    Board president

    Jo Anne is a founding Board Member, carrying forward the holistic vision of creating and supporting families throughout the Adoption experience. She is employed as the Director of Application Development, Test and Release Management at CalSAWS. Her 40 years of experience includes Management, Administration of Public Assistance programs, Leadership and Technical Systems Operations. As a founding member she believes every Child deserves a loving and nurturing forever family environment to learn and grow into self-sufficient societal contributors and leaders.

  • dawn kennedy

    board vice president

    Dawn Kennedy had the privilege of working with founder, Jo Kuhlman, on the adoption of her daughter in 1995. As an attorney, Dawn has a great appreciation of the agency's ethics, efficiency, and devotion to children in need of a forever home. It is her way of honoring Jo's memory and the agency she built with love and dedication by serving on the Board. Jo's vision lives on in the goals we strive to maintain. Dawn has been a member of the Board since 2002

  • Mark pearce

    Board Treasurer

    Mark Pearce is a Senior Vice President with Umpqua Bank. He has over 20 years of experience in banking and finance. He serves on the Finance, and Quality Assurance and IT sub-committees of the Board since 2008. Mark and his wife are proud adoptive parents and are grateful to Chrysalis House for their forever family.

  • Nicole Searcy

    Board Secretary

    Nicole Searcy has been in service with Chrysalis House since 2014. She currently works in a local High School District office alongside the District Superintendent. She offers her prior managerial experience to the Board. Nicole has also served as a team captain for a Relay for Life team for multiple years. Nicole believes in the work that Chrysalis House does and desires to help impact the lives of those in the adoption world in a positive way.

  • Ron Davey

    Board member

    Ron Davey has served on the Board since Chrysalis House's inception in 1985. He actively serves in the background of the Board and is on two sub-committees. Ron is a retired auto mechanic of the County of Fresno. His mother-in-law was the founder of Chrysalis House. He believes in helping children and families become ONE.

  • Carrie wade

    board MEMBER 

    Carrie Wade worked for Chrysalis House as an Office Assistant before becoming a Board member in 1998. The founder, Carrie's great-grandmother, believed that Carrie's aspirations in the field of education would lend a unique voice to the Board. Carrie currently lives and teaches in Wisconsin where she has two beautiful children who are her world and inspiration. Though she has moved to Wisconsin, she continues to believe in Chrysalis House's objectives and enjoys being involved in guiding the mission and vision of the Founder.

  • Lyle ens

    Board member

    Lyle Ens was born and raised in Fresno. He is a business owner with a background in finance. He is also an adoptive parent that understands both the needs of adoptive families and the goals of Chrysalis House. He leads the Audit sub-committee and is a member of the Quality Assurance and IT sub-committee as well. Lyle joined the Chrysalis House Board in 2006.

  • Christina toste

    Board member

    Christina Toste is very involved with the Make a Wish Foundation. She retired as a Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist at Children's Hospital Central California. She is an adoptive parent, serves on the Parent Advisory Committee at her child's elementary school, and has been a Board member at Chrysalis House since 2008.

  • patty mclane

    board member

    Patty McLane is a retired Registered Nurse after many years of service. During her nursing career, Patty completed her BA degree in Management of Human Resources through Fresno Pacific University. On a personal note, Patty is married and has 3 step-children and several grandchildren. She is also a birth mother who made the difficult decision to place her daughter for adoption. As a birth mother, Patty knows the emotional heartache this decision brings while at the same time understanding the joy created for an adopting family. Because of her experience as a birth mother, she had volunteered as a counselor at the Pregnancy Care Center. Through this experience she was fortunate to have helped facilitate an open adoption for a young teenage girl and the family who adopter her baby. Through her professional and personal life, Patty brings her strong leadership skills, as well as compassion and empathy to the Chrysalis House Board of Directors since 2014.

  • Jenelle osborn

    board member

    Jenelle Osborn is currently an Executive Secretary for Community Medical Centers. She has 8 years of previous experience working at a local non-profit organization and has recently had secretarial work experience in the field of education at Fresno County Superintendent of Schools and UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program. She believes in the objectives of Chrysalis House and wants to support the process of creating families. She brings skills in office management, graphic design, and event planning to the table. She has been a Board member since August of 2016.


    board member

    Katy is the owner of a local small business, Swell Swim School. Prior to opening the swim school, Katy worked as an elementary school teacher. Katy and her family are currently serving as a host family for Safe Families, an organization that provides short term care for children in crisis. As an adoptee, she is passionate about what Chrysalis House is doing in the community and hopes to promote positive education around adoption.

  • Michelle a duarte


    Michelle has had the honor of working with the team at Chrysalis House to facilitate the adoption of her son. She has 20 + years of past Advertising/ Marketing experience and is currently a stay at home mom who owns her own small business. She has multiple years of experience by working and volunteering for different non-profit agencies in CT and CA. She moved from Connecticut to California and now currently resides in Nevada raising her 2 amazing children and creating a beautiful home and life with her husband, Russell. She is excited to be helping Chrysalis House in any way she can because she strongly believes in Chrysalis House‚Äôs mission and the future of all the Chrysalis House families! 



    Kara is a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful kids, Remi and Branch. She is an Ambassador for the Ronald McDonald House and attends the Well Community Church in Fresno. She was adopted from birth through Chrysalis House. She is thrilled to be able to help connect children with great families. She believes every child deserves to grow up in a safe and loving environment.