• As the Executive Director, Dr. Brandy oversees all adoption programs, clinical work, and agency procedures for Chrysalis House. She has worked in a variety of settings helping children and families, and has been with Chrysalis House since 2012. Dr. Brandy specializes in trauma, attachment, and working with children from the foster care system. She has a Master of Science degree in Counseling and she earned her doctorate (Ph.D.) from Texas Tech University in 2010. Dr. Brandy has an active role within the agency, performing social work in addition to supervising the Chrysalis House staff. She is an adoptive parent herself and finds it rewarding to promote adoption and educate others.

  • As an experienced social worker, Stephanie brings years of adoption knowledge and experience to the staff and Chrysalis House. She has a passion for working with birth parents and loves to be a part of the process that matches birth parents with waiting adoptive families. Stephanie has an active role in Chrysalis House's parent training program and is committed to ensuring that families are prepared for the adoption process. Stephanie also works with families and children to encourage a successful adoptive placement. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from California State University, Fresno in 2006 and has worked in the adoption field since that time.

  • As an experienced social worker, Leticia brings many years of adoption and foster care knowledge and experience to the staff at Chrysalis House. She has a passion for working with children and adoptive parents and providing children with a forever family where they will be loved and securely cared for. Leticia finds great joy and fulfillment in her work as an adoption social worker. Leticia earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work (1997) and Master of Social Work degree from California State University, Fresno (2003).

  • Michelle comes with 16 years of Social Work experience. Michelle worked with foster children and the developmental disabled population since 2004. Compassion and patience are two main components to better serve her families. Michelle's passion is to assist families in their adoption journey for the best experience possible.

    Michelle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from CSU, Fresno in 1998 and she earned her Master of Science degree in Educational Counseling from National University in 2002.

  • As an experienced social worker, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with the juvenile dependency process to the staff at Chrysalis House. She has worked as both a social worker and mental health clinician with families who have entered care. She has a passion for trauma informed care and promoting psychoeducation to provide children and families a positive and healthy home environment where families can thrive. Kristen enjoys bringing a clinical perspective while working with her families. Kristen earned her B.A. in psychology and minor in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University (2014), Master in Social Work degree from California State University, Northridge (2017), and California State licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (2021).

  • As the clinical documentation specialist, Stacy works with the clinical staff to ensure that documentation is as complete and thorough as it can be throughout the adoption process. Stacy brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to Chrysalis House, and her work helps ensure that each document meets the combined standards of our agency, the State of California, and any other agencies/government entities that might be involved in an adoption. She also handles the social media at Chrysalis House, keeping our blog, Facebook, and Pinterest pages chock full of useful information for adoptive parents. As a parent of two, former social worker, and former director of the agency, she brings a wealth of knowledge about adoption, parenting, and documentation to  Chrysalis House. Though her role is primarily behind the scenes, Stacy enjoys working in the adoption field and helping children find their forever families.

  • Megan assists families to coordinate and complete paperwork throughout the adoption process. She has experience in management and customer relations, which brings a unique benefit to her role as resource family coordinator. As an adoptee, she chooses to work in the field of adoption because she finds it interesting, challenging, and personally rewarding.

  • With nearly a decade of experience in administrative roles, Mayce provides an unmatched level of organization and administrative support to the Executive Director and staff. She ensures smooth day-to-day functioning of the facility while readily greeting and being an efficient resource to families; prospective, current, and past. Driven by her professionalism and compassion for others, she strives to make each experience positive for staff and families alike. Although different from the medical field, where much of her experience is, Mayce enjoys being able to provide personable service and care to families and our community.

  • As the Director of Finance & Operations, Lindy coordinates and oversees the financial and business aspects of the agency. She brings years of experience to her position at Chrysalis House, and she works diligently to ensure that the financial and business systems/operations are accurate and up-to-date. Though her position is primarily behind the scenes, Lindy finds working the in the adoption field rewarding and she does everything she can to make the adoption process a positive one for Chrysalis House families. Lindy has served Chrysalis House and its families since 2001.