Chrysalis House is a full-service adoption agency and is able to provide services for fost/adopt, domestic, and embryo adoptions.

Fost/Adopt: Involves placing children from the foster care system into permanent adoptive homes. Though parents are considered foster parents for roughly the first six months after taking placement of a child, this adoption program is not long-term foster care. Families in the fost/adopt program intend to bring children into their home permanently. Children are only placed once they have a plan to be adopted, which reduces the risk of the child being removed from the prospective adoptive family's home. Children who are available for adoption from the foster care system may be male or female, aged 0-17 years, and of any ethnic background.

Domestic: Chrysalis House works to match prospective birth parents with families that are waiting to adopt an infant. Domestic adoption is also known as voluntary adoption, and occurs when a birth parent decides to make an adoption plan for his/her child.

Embryo: Embryo adoption involves the transfer of frozen embryos from the donating family to the adopting family. The adopting family must complete a home study prior to being matched with a donor family. This type of adoption is only possible if the prospective adoptive mother is able to carry a pregnancy to term. It involves the use of an attorney and falls under contract law. However, Chrysalis House is able to complete a home study for you.

Adoption Services Provider (ASP): Chrysalis House is licensed to act as an ASP for independent adoptions. When a voluntary adoption plan is coordinated by an attorney, an ASP is necessary to advise the birth parents of their rights and to take the signatures for the legal paperwork. In these cases, Chrysalis House focuses on paperwork rather than supportive services to the birth parents and the adoptive family.