Support Group

> Support groups are offered for families in all stages of the adoption process. This group is meant to be a resource for families to network with other adoptive families as well as provide a safe place to discuss adoption-related topics.


> Counseling is available at any point in time for current and former families. Counseling can help a family adjust to different adoption issues that may arise at different ages and stages of a child's development. In many cases, children will ask questions about their adoption story and many parents struggle to share information in an age appropriate way. Chrysalis House can help facilitate those conversations as well as address any struggles that may be occurring for the parents or within the family.


> Helping families negotiate or re-negotiate a post-contact agreement (if one is needed). In some cases, what a child or family needs or wants will change over time; in these scenarios. Chrysalis House will attempt to help you resolve those issues.

Mentor Families

> Chrysalis has experienced adoptive families that are willing to come alongside a new family that is navigating the adoption process for the first time. If you would like to speak with an adoptive family, please let us know and we will connect you.


> Chrysalis House plans events throughout the year to provide opportunities for adoptive families to build relationships with each other. For a list of upcoming events, check out our event calendar here.