Domestic adoptions, also known as voluntary adoptions, occur when a birth parent chooses to make an adoption plan for his or her child. In most cases, children are placed at the time of birth, and the adoptive family is able to take the child home from the hospital. Unlike fost/adopt situations, these children are NOT involved with CPS (Child Protective Services), and the birth parents have not lost the right to care for their child. Chrysalis House is able to terminate parental rights for birth parents in most cases; the services of an attorney are not typically necessary.

Chrysalis House's domestic adoption program works to match expectant birth parents with a waiting adoptive family. In many cases, the adoption plan is created over the course of pregnancy, allowing the birth mother to choose the adoptive family and get to know them before she gives birth. In other cases, a mother is not sure about adoption until after she has given birth, and she makes the adoption plan while still in the hospital. Birth parents receive support and counseling from a social worker, who helps ensure that the adoption plan meets their needs and expectations, and that they feel supported through the process. Birth parents receive supportive services for life to make sure that they are able to process the issues of grief and loss that may be experienced after placing a child for adoption.