Chrysalis House offers a unique adoption program allowing our families to be open to both the Fost/Adopt and Domestic programs. Dual-track families prepare themselves to take placement of a child from foster care and will also learn about birth parent issues in order to be ready for either option. For families wanting to be matched with younger children, this option is helpful because it allows you to explore more placement opportunities. Essentially, your are agreeing to take placement of a young child through foster care or to be matched with a newborn through the domestic program, whichever comes first. Dual-track families will follow the same process as those families participating in the Fost/Adopt and Domestic Adoption programs.

Each family in our Dual-Track Adoption program must have a completed and approved home study and be an approved Resource Family as outlined by the regulations set forth by the State of California prior to placement of a child.

Once approved, dual-track families will be presented with placement options from the foster care system as well as birth parent opportunities. Once a family has been matched with either a child through the Fost/Adopt program or the Domestic Adoption program, the family will no longer be considered for placement through the other program.

The fees for the Dual-Track program follow the domestic fee schedule unless a fost/adopt adoption finalizes.