Adoption planning begins once you have decided that adoption is the right choice for your child. The goal is to craft an adoption plan that respects your choices and wishes for your unborn child. We aim to support you throughout your pregnancy and help alleviate any stress you may be experiencing. The level of support you receive will be tailored to your individual needs and desires. If you find the process emotionally challenging and require additional counseling and support, we will ensure your adoption plan includes these services. Throughout this journey, your social worker will provide emotional support and guide you through each step of the adoption plan.

The adoption planning process begins by meeting with your social worker. Your social worker will get to know you through this process and is there for you during and after your pregnancy. This process typically includes:

  • Choosing/meeting an adoptive family, if you wish
  • Making a hospital and birth plan
  • Financial assistance needed during pregnancy
  • Working with the birth father, if necessary
  • Paperwork/legal aspect of adoption
  • Emotional aspect of adoption
  • Planning future contact (open adoption agreement) if you choose

If you have ideas about the type of adoptive family you are looking for, we will ask about these preferences and locate families that would be a good fit. You will have the chance to look through family albums of potential adoptive families, which include letters and pictures of the waiting families. If you do not wish to choose the adoptive family, the agency can match you with a waiting family. No matter what, your preferences and decisions are honored. We do not exclude the biological father's involvement at any point during the adoption plan and would welcome his participation, if appropriate.

Once you have chosen an adoptive family, you will have the opportunity to meet them if you choose to. With the support of your social worker, you can meet the family and get to know them during your pregnancy. You have the right to ask for an open adoption, where you can receive updates about your child. We will ask about your thoughts on this and whether you'd like to receive updates about your child, often including texts, pictures, letters, phone calls, and even visits. If this seems emotionally difficult, you can choose to have a closed adoption, in which you would not receive updates about the child.

Part of the adoption plan includes preparing you for the emotional aspect of placing a child for adoption. Again, your social worker will tailor their approach to give you the support you need throughout this process. Expectant parents can receive as much counseling and support as they need, even years after the adoption is completed. If you find that you are having a hard time at any point in the future, please contact us and we will do our best to get you the support you need.

For support, call or text 559.905.1000