What is the average cost of an adoption through Chrysalis House?

> The average domestic adoption ranges from $22,800 to $24,300; the average embryo adoption ranges from $15,000 to $18,000, and there is not cost for the fost/adopt program (other than the application fee of $300). These fees do not include third-party fees such as medical evaluations, First Aid/CPR certifications, and fingerprinting.

How long do families wait before being placed with a child after their home study is complete?

> Wait time is difficult to predict, varies per case, and is dependent upon the type of adoption program. For the last few years, the average wait time has been about six months for both domestic and fost/adopt programs. Some families are immediately matched following completion of their home study and some families wait longer than the average six months.

Is the training portion mandatory?

> Yes. Training is a crucial part of the adoptive process, and ensures that families have adequate preparation and knowledge before taking a child into their home. In addition, training is required by State and Federal regulations. If you are part of a couple, you will each complete training hours prior to the approval of your home study. Both partners are expected to learn about the issues most commonly experienced by adopted children, and to take an active role in preparing for parenthood. If you have adopted previously, training is still required, and will be tailored to be most helpful to your family at this point in time.

How long does it take to complete the home study?

> At Chrysalis House, we work at your pace to complete your home study. If you are highly motivated and promptly turn in the required materials, a home study can be completed quickly (in as few as 6 weeks). The average home study is written in 3 months. If you are in need of an expedited home study, please contact our office (additional fees may apply).

What are some other frequently asked prospective adoptive parents ask?

> We are glad you asked that. Please click here for answers to more frequently asked questions.