Stacy joined this agency in 2001, and the Chrysalis House, Inc. mission has had a hold on Stacy’s heart ever since.  Although she’s worn various titles over the past 20+ years, Stacy is currently responsible for the supervision of and operational oversight of this agency. Stacy’s entire career has been invested in the nonprofit sector, always focused on serving children and families as they find their way together. Her greatest passion continues to be helping children to find safe, loving homes where they can thrive.  Stacy completed her education in Kansas, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Therapy (1997) and a Master of Arts in Counseling (2001).



    As an experienced social worker, Stephanie brings years of adoption knowledge and experience to the staff and Chrysalis House. She has a passion for working with birth parents and loves to be a part of the process that matches birth parents with waiting adoptive families. Stephanie has an active role in Chrysalis House's parent training program and is committed to ensuring that families are prepared for the adoption process. Stephanie also works with families and children to encourage a successful adoptive placement. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from California State University, Fresno in 2006 and has worked in the adoption field since that time.

  • As an experienced social worker, Leticia brings many years of adoption and foster care knowledge and experience to the staff at Chrysalis House. She has a passion for working with children and adoptive parents and providing children with a forever family where they will be loved and securely cared for. Leticia finds great joy and fulfillment in her work as an adoption social worker. Leticia earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work (1997) and Master of Social Work degree from California State University, Fresno (2003).

  • As an experienced Social Worker, Michael brings an eclectic repertoire of approaches and styles to Chrysalis House. Michael has served in the mental health field for over a decade, which has given him a clinical perspective when assisting clients with healing, empowerment and self-determination. Michael’s desire to protect children and enrich families has led him to gain experience in foster care, RFA and now adoptions. Michael’s approaches focus on psychology, philosophy, meaning in life and spirituality. Michael has become an advocate for children and families in order to assist them with fulfilling their dreams of learning, legacy and love. By joining our team, Michael plans to continue helping children and families seek stability, understanding and connectedness through empathy and hope. Michael received his B.A. in Social Work (2007) from California State University, Fresno and then his Master Degree in Social Work (2009). 

  • As an experienced social worker, Ashley brings years of adoption and foster care knowledge to Chrysalis House. Ashley has the unique privilege of serving with two amazing organizations: CAFO and Chrysalis House. Ashley deeply cares for every member of the adoption constellation and is passionate about lifelong care and support. As such, Ashley has an active role in Chrysalis House's support group and training program. Ashley is a TBRI Practitioner and also consults families (and the broader community) on the importance of trauma-informed care. She earned her Master's degree from Cairn University in 2007 and has worked in the vulnerable children and families field since that time.

  • Megan assists families to coordinate and complete paperwork throughout the adoption process. She has experience in management and customer relations, which brings a unique benefit to her role as resource family coordinator. As an adoptee, she chooses to work in the field of adoption because she finds it interesting, challenging, and personally rewarding.

  • As Administrative Assistant, Gloria is one of the first faces and voices you will encounter at Chrysalis House.  Gloria is honored to walk alongside our adoptive families as they begin their adoption journey, as well as assist individuals seeking general information about Chrysalis House and our services to all members of the adoption triad.  Gloria has over 30 years of customer service, and over ten of those years have specifically been in adoptions.  Gloria has witnessed numerous families come together through adoption, and she has developed a true passion for adoption throughout the years. 

  • As the Director of Finance & Operations, Lindy coordinates and oversees the financial and business aspects of the agency. She brings years of experience to her position at Chrysalis House, and she works diligently to ensure that the financial and business systems/operations are accurate and up-to-date. Though her position is primarily behind the scenes, Lindy finds working the in the adoption field rewarding and she does everything she can to make the adoption process a positive one for Chrysalis House families. Lindy has served Chrysalis House and its families since 2001.