Chrysalis House's fost/adopt program matches waiting families with children from the California foster care system. When a child is not able to reunify with their biological family, an adoption plan may be ordered so that the child can have a permanent and loving family. Children available for adoption are of varying ages, ethnicities, and come from many different types of family dynamics.

The foster-to-adopt process helps connect children who need a permanent family with adoptive parents. While similar to foster care, fost/adopt is different because the intent is to provide a permanent home, rather than a temporary one. These children have special needs for which a prospective adoptive parent must provide - and are not just food and shelter. Rather, the needs include support, encouragement, reassurance, self-esteem, self-worth, and most importantly, love. There are many stigmas attached to the realm of fost/adoption and while it is true that some children will have higher needs due to their trauma history, most children are resilient and are able to resolve those issues over time.

Foster-to-adopt parents provide a ray of hope in a world otherwise shadowed by issues that are dangerous to the child's physical and mental health. Physical abuse, neglect, abandonment, drug problems, alcohol problems, and sexual abuse are just some of the reasons that result in a child being removed from his or her home. Understandably the child is often afraid, angry, confused, and heart-broken from the events that led to their removal. It is not uncommon for some children to have special needs needs, such as emotional, behavioral, physical, or developmental problems. In many cases, these behavioral or developmental difficulties can be resolved when a child is placed in a loving, permanent, and stable home. Your Chrysalis House social worker will work with you to ensure that your child and family are receiving any supportive services that would be helpful for your child.

During the fost/adopt process, you are a resource family for at least six months, while we make sure that the child is a good fit for your family. You will receive monthly or weekly visits from your social worker, who will give feedback and support to you during this time. If you have questions or concerns, they will be addressed promptly. Once six months has passed, and if there are no concerns with the placement, a family can move toward finalizing their adoption, making the child a permanent part of your family.

RFA Portability Program:  Chrysalis House, Inc. works with families who wish to port their current RFA certification to a more adoption focused agency. We position ourselves to address all portability requests in a thoughtful way and will explore your timeline and expectations. Please contact Megan to inquire about our Portability Program.